Leading the Way

As Director of Engineering at TrueProject, Brian has built a wealth of expertise that positions him as a leader in the field. His role at TrueProject is marked by a commitment to technical leadership and strategic direction for the software engineering team.

A Legacy of Excellence

Before assuming his role with TrueProject, Brian's previous journey at CAI covered an impressive 30-year span. During this time, he performed in a diverse array of roles, evolving from a Programmer to a Technical Consultant, Quality Assurance Lead, Team Lead, and, ultimately, Application Development Manager. Brian held prior positions in various domains, including product development, system administration, and networking. This rich tapestry of experience reflects a career dedicated to excellence and continuous growth.

Life Beyond Work

Beyond his professional endeavors, Brian pursues a diverse set of life-enriching passions. As a professional musician, he showcases his talents as a trumpeter in a wide range of venues and events, from solo performances to participation in brass quartets, chamber groups, and pit orchestras for off-Broadway musicals. Brian also has a passion for technology and electronics, evident through his adeptness in working with microcontrollers and single-board computers. This passion is intertwined with his amateur (ham) radio hobby, exemplified by his possession of an extra-class amateur radio license. Brian's adventurous spirit finds expression in his love for road bicycling, often embarking on epic rides of 160 kilometers or more enjoying the sights and thrills of the open road.

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