A Healthcare services provider requires timely information.

TrueProject provides healthcare services providers with key performance indicators in a single dashboard. Managers are able to make informed business decisions with immediate access to real-time healthcare trends. And “Best practices” learned in one department can be easily and systemically incorporated in the day-to-day business processes across all levels of the organization.

The challenge

A leading independent health and social care services provider needed to provide timely real time performance indicators to its management team. Management needed this performance information on a daily basis in order to make tactical decisions. Because of the effort required to process and calculate healthcare trends, the information was often delayed in getting to the mid-tier and functional managers who needed it. The health and social care services provider needed:

  • Performance indicators on a single dashboard.
  • Real-time updates throughout the business day.
  • Improved operational insight.
The solution

TrueProject delivered critical, time-sensitive information to executives as well as mid-tier and functional managers. Team intuitions and perspectives were combined with statistical operation data into a single dashboard to allow management the right information for the right people at the right time - all the time. As a result:

  • Operational risks were mitigated.
  • Strategic and tactical business decisions were enabled.
  • Managers took advantage of emerging business opportunities.
  • Adverse situations were proactively managed.