Jan 5 2023

PM Best Practices: Tips to Assure Your Project Success

A successful project can help your business in various ways. It can enhance the brand value of your company, yield better investments, and boost the morale of your workforce. So, how do you define the success of a project? The answer is quite simple. A project is successful when all its goals are met. An effective project manager regulates a project’s growth and ensures it is following the right course of action.

Jan 5 2023

Project Planning Best Practices You Must Know About

Companies that generate more revenue and better products prioritize project planning as the core strategy of their business. Project planning best practices enable you to reduce costs and time. They also mitigate potential risks by helping you execute a perfect project portfolio. A project portfolio is similar to an investment fund where the fund manager chooses stocks with the highest anticipated return on investment.

Sep 29 2022

Are You Following These Project Management Best Practices?

Planning and executing a project within the set time and budget can be challenging for managers. A manager must balance stakeholder engagement, mitigate project risks, and uphold project management principles. So, what project management best practices must you follow? In this article at Forbes, industry experts share the keys to successful IT project management and why they are effective.

Apr 12 2022

Project Managers, Do You Know These PM Principles?

PM principles are essential guidelines for project managers in modern-day team management. These tenets enable you to provide the necessary direction that your team needs from you for day-to-day operations. These principles are not the objectives but rules that you should follow to reach the goals. In this article at Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin shares the PM principles that project managers must follow.

Apr 1 2022

Ten Fabulous Books to Hone Your Project Leadership Skills

Your actions are often dictated by what you know. Good books can have life-changing effects, teach you lessons, or simply continue to inspire you for years to come. Researching, getting insights from industry leaders, or reading a book can be a great way to better understand what technology means for society in the future. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for project leadership or other challenges ahead. In this article at Forbes, Jena McGregor shares ten must-read career and leadership books to boost your knowledge and career.