Aug 3 2023

Does Your Project Prioritize Issue Management?

Issue Management

Unforeseen obstacles, tight deadlines, and lurking resource constraints are inherent risks in every project. How confident are you in your team's ability to overcome these hurdles and ensure smooth progress? Successful project issue management requires more than just a well-crafted plan and a capable team.

Aug 2 2023

Project Leadership Challenge: Overwhelmed by Ideas, No Strategy

Too Many Ideas Featured Image

Imagine a scenario where you and your team are overflowing with innovative ideas for your project. Fascinating, right? New ideas represent innovation, growth, revenue streams, and fresh project initiatives. But what if we told you that having too many ideas could be detrimental to your project's success?

Jul 28 2023

Is Project Issue Management Central to Success?

Imagine you are embarking on a new project. You have the team, the resources, and the vision to create and execute a successful project. But wait, what about the unexpected challenges that might pop up along the way? That is where project issue management comes into play! In this article, we will explore project issue management's importance to project success, how it differs from project risks, the potential consequences of unaddressed issues, and early issue identification strategies.

Apr 11 2023

Deliverables in Project Management: Why Scope Approach Is Vital

Every business project is unique and so is its scope. Project management is a challenging process to learn, and project scope is likely the part that confuses managers the most. Compared to laying out the scope, crafting a project charter or laying out your timeline is more straightforward. However, failing to devote sufficient time and effort to define the deliverables of a project and its scope is a mistake. At Invensis Learning, Lucy Brown shares an article on how to validate the scope and its process in a project.